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1973 Production of test material for inhibitor tests in the department for inhibitor test systems of Landesvereinigung der Bayerischen Milchwirtschaft e.V.
1997 Foundation of Analytik in Milch Produktions- und Vertriebs-GmbH (AiM GmbH)
2000 Certification of AiM GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 9001
2004 Sales launch of the newly developed lyophilised control standard
2005 Optimisation of the BRT Inhibitor Test – faster and much easier to read
2006 Introduction of products especially for milk producers
2008 Start of the Inhibitor Ring Tests in cooperation with QSE GmbH
2009 Start of the contract analysis (Biosensor MCR3) in cooperation with MPR Bayern e.V.
2015 Development and introduction of the BRT hi-sense for the detection of antiinfectives at very sensitive levels
2017 Introduction of eco-friendly cardboard shipping packages
2019 Independent validation of the BRT inhibitor test systems and its certification by NordVal International
2020 Development of the „Two-Test-Strategy” and introduction of a colour coding for all three BRT tests systems.
2022 Development of the BRT q-sense for sensitive detection of Chinolones

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