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Susanne GlasmannWith almost 50 years of experience in the development and manufacture of microbiological inhibitor test systems as well as through cooperation with the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and other standardization platforms, AiM GmbH is always up to date with the requirements for inhibitor testing. This ensures that we do not miss anything related to residue analysis for antibiotics or inhibitors. Research and development is carried out in close cooperation with various universities and leads to the creation of new and improved solutions. The excellent scientific networking in the further development and support of current products achieves an extremely high quality and reliability. In addition, certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees compliance with all quality standards as well as the exclusive use of tested, high-quality raw materials.

The targeted selection of national service providers and suppliers as well as the fast and excellent communication in cooperation with suppliers and external partners create a stable framework of reliability. Given the current developments in the supply chain, this is of the utmost importance. Production in Bavaria offers a high level of sustainability, induces short distances and enables environmentally friendly shipping in cardboard boxes that can be easily disposed of.

AiM GmbH is a modern, customer-oriented company that meets the individual requirements of the industry and immediately takes on the challenges posed. The shareholders of AiM GmbH guarantee a close connection to the southern German dairy industry. Our customer base is made up of national and international customers and includes control laboratories, dairies and farmers. Expertise in the field of reference material and proficiency tests as well as tailor-made internal training courses on the subject of inhibitor analysis or the possibility of participating in practical seminars complete our product range.

Many years of experience, high technical competence, speed, flexibility, friendliness and willingness to help are - in addition to own entrepreneurial thinking in the team - characteristic of AiM GmbH.

Susanne Glasmann. General Manager