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Proficiency Test for Inhibitors

Testing for inhibitors is a key measure to assure the absence of residues in milk along the food chain. For this purpose different test systems are applied at multiple stations and under various conditions.

The crucial question for any laboratory and every examiner is „Will I receive a positive result with my routine testing, if there are in fact relevant amounts of antibiotic residues – in terms of food regulation – present in the milk?“

In order to support their customers, AiM GmbH set up an inhibitor ring test in cooperation with QSE GmbH in 2008 already and organized it in a way to be able to answer this question. Subsequently, this inhibitor ring test evolved into a success story with far more than 100 participants from up to 20 countries.

Today you can take part in this established ring test as proficiency test for inhibitors under accredited conditions (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043). QSE GmbH organizes the proficiency test and is glad to receive your registration »here .

The important design principle of the ring test remains: AiM GmbH delivers homogeneous, robust and long-term stable samples, which contain reliable and independently verified concentrations of different antibiotic substances. QSE GmbH - accredited provider of proficiency tests according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043 – organizes the realization and evaluation. Your participation will be confirmed by a certificate, which proofs, that your analysis procedure fulfills the legal requirements for inhibitor testing.

Furthermore, each participant has the opportunity to learn more about the background of inhibitors in milk, the function of different test systems (microbiological tests versus rapid tests), the informative value of the results and last but not least the importance of good laboratory practice. We will be happy to advise you in person.

As a test manufacturer, we highly recommend the regular participation in a proficiency test organized by an accredited provider. Thereby you confirm for your customers the expertise of your laboratory and the proper choice of your inhibitor test systems.
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